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Turquoise Slab Pop

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Pop up phone holder for the back of your phone with a gorgeous huge turquoise slab!!! Must Have!!! These slabs are chosen by the owner personally to insure size is large and gorgeous!!  We have extra large slab pops and some are smaller. In the note section please state if you would like a extra large or smaller one. You can also tell us what phone you have and we can help pick one to be just the right size! 

When checking out for these slab pops please choose one shirt/cap shipping because we are having to wrap them in bubble wrap to ensure they get to you ladies in one piece and its a little more than just jewelry shipping. 

*please note due to increased shipping and pricing for the extra large slabs...the pricing has increased from $22 to $25. Those that purchased at $22 will not pay the difference. Thank you for understanding. We try our best to keep the pricing as low as possible. :)

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