Sparkly Safety Stuff

$ 72.00

You can never be to careful when out and about by yourself or with your friends!! We believe in sparkles, going to the movies, spending money on the finer things. All of this while being confident, prepared, and aware. This is why we bring you all of the best sparkly safety stuff, from bling stun gun, pepper spray, a glammer, and even an alarm. 

The Bling Stun Gun: Sparks and Sounds for immediate intimidation. :950,000 VOLT Stun Gun

Glammer: Can Cut the Seatbelt, Break the Window in case of an emergency. 

Ahh!-Larm: Super Loud Personal Alarm. 115 Decibel Siren with LED Safety Light. Perfect for your backpack, purse, keys or leash. Push the buttton, alarm sounds instantly.

First-Aid Clutch: 75 Essential First Aid Items for the car, desk, backpack. 

Rhinestone or Studded Pepper Spray: For self-defence only, must be 18 years old to purchase, clips to keys, purse, backpack or leash.