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Makeup Eraser Cloths

$ 15.00


Product Details

After trying one of these cloths one time you will be HOOKED. Your makeup will come off so easily without using those harmful makeup throw away wipes. With these cloths you can take your makeup off in style!! The Watermelon Pouch has one cloth inside with watermelon design, the pouch comes in handy when traveling because you dont have travel around with a wet makeup eraser!! Of course they can be used for other things as well. {Cheetah $20, Watermelon $21} 

Erase ALL Makeup With JUST WATER!!! 

Waterproof Mascara, Eyeliner, Foundation and MORE!! 

Reusable, Machine Washable. Last 3-5 Years!  Anti-Bacterial

Makeup Eraser can be used for a full week before machine washing. 

Machine Wash Eraser prior to first erase! Washing instructions on tag. 

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