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Finchberry Hand Cream

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This hand cream is AMAZING. Only a small amount is needed and will absorb quickly with no mess or oily feel. 

Sweet Dreams(Lavender & Vanilla): This hand cream hardnesses the restorative power of sunflower and olive oils to calm and comfort tired skin. Alow and shea butter extracts offer light moisure; infusions of lavender and vanilla leaves skim silky and smooth.

Sweetly Southern:(Delicate Honeysuckle):This hand cream treats skin to a luscious, soothing blend of sunflower and olive oils. In turn, gentle infusions of honeysuckle, aloe and shea butter extracts moisturize, pamper and calm tired skin, leaving it baby soft to touch. 

Cranberry Chutney: Apple and Cranberry- Luxurious blend of sunflower and olive oils soothe and calm tired skin. In turn, brilliant cranberry infusions meet aloe and shea butter extracts to leave skin bright and satin-soft. 


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