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About Us

Honey Hush is about all things Southern. Stylish clothes. Original accessories. Unique home items. 

I thought we would share a little about us. I'm Shelly Evans and me and my daughter, Lacey Evans, started this dream a couple of years ago. We lived in Bogata about 5 yrs and then moved away due to school/work opportunities. I was getting my BSN and going on to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Well, we are also a pipeline family which means my husband travels all over the US as a Superintendent and so did I as his office mgr until I started clinicals. Our kids have been public schooled and homeschooled. What we didn't expect was missing Bogata as much as we did. It became home. We had several tragedies happen to our family and the friends and support we had there were like we had always lived there. So, within a year of moving, we packed up and moved back. We bought the old bank building and knew what an amazing place it COULD be with A LOT of work. Lol. We bought a small ranch house on 70 acres outside of town and remodelled it (until we build our new house) and went to work on the bank building. It has taken double the time and double the money and we are no where near done yet!!! We have so much planned for our little piece of Bogata and we can't wait to start sharing it with you!!! Lacey is in college preparing for nursing school and working at Honey Hush. For a few more months, I'm still working out of town so I'm in and out...doing designs, orders, bookkeeping from a distance. Each person that buys from us or stops in our store is truly supporting a dream of ours to finally have a home, a hometown and providing the opportunity for our kids to stay home and not travel anymore as well as myself and my husband. I can't thank you all enough, from the bottom of my heart (and I know Lacey feels the same) for helping this dream come true and all of the support you've given.

And that is why our motto is "I've got roots and I've got wings"...because our family finally has roots here in Bogata...but we still have wings to fly high enough to reach our dreams!

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