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Teacher Candles

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We should all appreciate all the hard work and dedication teachers put in daily!! These make the best gifts!! Enjoy the AMAZING scents along with the funny sayings!! Grab one for your kids teachers so they know you are thankful for all they do!! 

10OZ Soy Wax Candles

Grades are due: Smells like sleepless nights and all the coffee (Coffee Bean Scent)

Parent e-mails: I need a margarita to respond to this (Lime Margarita Scent)

Teacher’s pet: A whiff of apples with notes of favoritism (Fuji Apple Scent)

Planning period: Smells like a mini tropical vacation, with a hint of disinfectant (Tropical Scent)

Broken Crayons: A brand new box of crayons, peeled and broken into bits (mystery scent, plus color swirls) fresh, clean, and fruity smell!!! 

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