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Candy Club Candy

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Got a sweet tooth?? We have the perfect candy for you!! The goal of candy club is to excite and delight you with fun, delicious, and enlivening sweets. Candy Club keeps flavor profiles, textures, and adventure in mind, they create a one of a kind mix of confections you won't find anywhere other than Candy Club!! These make the perfect gifts for anyone of any age!! 

We carry the single containers of fun delicious candies or we have 2 gift sets to choose from!! 

The Blue You Rock Set Contains: Cotton Candy Taffy, Sour Gummy Octopus, and Cookie Dough Bites. YUMMY

The Pink Perfectly Pink Set Contains: Sour Pink Cadillacs, Strawberry Buffs, Strawberry Sour Belts. Giving you the perfect pucker!! 


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